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Liam Leslie: Roger, Flat A27 (Photography)
You the Artist: Care: Free? (Mail Art Project)
1 - 30 June 2021 (LFA 2021)

Velorose reopens after lockdown for the London Festival of Architecture (2021 theme: Care) with an exhibition of photography, and a Mail Art project. Our new 'new normal' means engaging with artists and visitors with whom we’ve had the pleasure of working and celebrating art over the last four years, and welcoming new people to the gallery

Please note that booking is essential, and visitors are required to wear a face covering (unless exempt) indoors

'The residues of previous residents clung to the interiors’
Douglas Stuart, 'Shuggie Bain’, 2020

‘Roger, Flat A27’, is an exhibition of photography by Liam Leslie, whose debut exhibition ‘A Ribbon in Space' was also Velorose’s inaugural show in Spring 2017

This series of images captures the traces of life that are so often left behind when a place that has been inhabited is vacated. The photographs allude to one person, and a life lived quite alone in a one-bedroom flat, yet they touch upon the lives of all individuals; they say as much about the artist, and the viewer, as they do about the person who lived for decades in these spaces

Tuesday to Friday 11am - 7pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am - 5pm

A Private View and Midsummer Party on Thursday 24 June (6pm - 9pm) accompanies the exhibition, together with the 'Care: Free?' Mail Art Project inviting responses to the show, and to the LFA 2021 theme of 'Care'

'Care: Free?' is Velorose's first Mail Art Project of 2021, in which - once again - you are the artist. All works received by post at Velorose will be exhibited online and in the gallery over the course of June 2021

Following on from the success of 2020's various lockdown postcard exhibitions, including 'Windows on the World' for the London Festival of Architecture 2020, we are now inviting submissions on this year's LFA theme of 'Care' and how it, or perhaps the lack thereof, manifests itself in our (built) environment. Is there such a thing as free care; is care free?

In addition / alternatively, postcard submissions may respond to our (gallery and online) exhibition of Liam Leslie's poignant photographs of the traces left by Roger in, and on, the flat he once inhabited

Usual rules apply; for these, and to view and get inspiration from, submissions to previous projects, please visit any or all of our Mail Art projects under ‘Exhibitions Past and Future'