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Wish You Were Here?
Installation, Sale and Summer Party
August - September 2023

Picture Postcard Image of the German Ocean from Jaywick Sands (11.08.22 at Midday, by Velorose)

Velorose takes a holiday from exhibitions to present the gallery’s first installation, Wish You Were Here?

Inspired by a 1930s house on the seafront in the most deprived area in england, and its role as an escape from the barbican, visitors are welcome to set foot in this curious mélange of mid-century furniture, seaside memorabilia, and wholly personal belongings - almost all of which are for sale to visitors as a souvenir of their visit. Some will be familiar, others quite strange

A true ‘staycation’ in its original meaning (or ‘holistay’ - going nowhere, while taking a break), the installation reveals an approach to interior design more akin to a 1970s new zealand ‘bach’ or ‘crib’ than what visitors might expect from a couple of barbican dwellers. Eclectic, considered and curated, or a mish-mash, (high class) jumble and sheer tat?

Unlike Barbie’s Ken, your job may not be ‘beach’, but there’s nothing to stop you seasiding for a while… children and dogs welcome

The installation opens with the Velorose Summer Party on Thursday 3 August 2023, 6pm to 9pm