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University of East London Graphic Design and Illustration
17 April to 21 April 2023

Velorose springs back in to action and is proud to continue its relationship with the University of East London (UEL), through its head of Visual Arts, Dr Keith Winter, to host the UEL graphic design and illustration BA (Hons) courses for a week; don't miss this short sharp shock (of signs and symbols) to the system from the UEL Visual Arts Cluster (VAC)

Join us to celebrate the students' work, with an impromptu review, on Friday 21 April, from 6pm to 9pm

Zuzanna Wachowicz, ‘Mr Great’ (2023); Digital Illustration

From μορφή, (Ancient Greek; form, shape)

In design: to change, by fine increments, through animation or programming

In fantasy: the ability to shape-shift / to assume different forms, through magic

In linguistics: describes the building blocks of words

In education: to transform, over time; to arrive and to leave differently

Combining work from BA (Hons) graphic design and BA (Hons) illustration, morph! reveals the broad approach to visual communication at the University of East London (UEL)

Working closely within the UEL visual arts cluster, both courses explore the processes of research, ideation, iteration and – by any number of means – making. Projects range from branding a fictional record label, to character design, and heartfelt animation

Each has its own power

June Bubbles, Stills from ‘Looks Like You’re Dying’ (2023); Stop Motion Mixed Media

The VAC brings together a number of creative disciplines that employ studio-based learning. Located on the UEL Docklands campus between architecture and fashion design, the VAC is at the centre of a thriving and dynamic community. This arrangement allows its students to form broad peer and professional networks and to take full advantage of the wide-ranging fabrication facilities on campus

The VAC is part of the UEL School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering

Exhibition curated and produced by:

Elisa Cunningham, illustration BA (hons) course leader
Andrew Ioakim, BA (hons) graphic design & illustration course leader
Andrew Osman, BA (hons) graphic design course leader