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Signs of Life / Protest Too Much?
Protest Placards + Banners from the Golden Lane Estate
Mail Art Project + Community Event (Workshop / Finissage)
17 - 30 June 2022 (and Beyond)

For the London Festival of Architecture 2022, the theme for which is 'Act', Velorose once more proudly presents an exhibition ('Signs of Life'), Mail Art Project ('Protest Too Much?) and Community Event ('Action in Space')

In addition to the exhibition and mail art project, Celebrate the end of this year's London Festival of Architecture by taking 'Action in Space', a workshop-gallery-street Midsummer party focused on Velorose's 'Signs of Life' protest exhibition and your 'Protest Too Much?’ mail art project. Make protest postcards addressing local, immediate and current built environment issues, and post them then and there. This is a community event, to which everyone is invited; Barbican and Golden Lane residents, LFA festival-goers, anyone with a beef or a gripe about the physical state of things. Bring your own T-Shirt if you want to make that your protest, or wear your Art on your Sleeve; feel free to sport a tee (or sweatshirt, or any piece of clothing) and be both medium and message

Thursday 30 June 2022, 6pm to 9pm in and outside the gallery (subject to the weather)

Please book to attend the exhibition or the community event / finissage if you can via the website banner

Peter Liversidge, 'YES', from Sign Paintings For A Night at the Whitechapel Gallery (18 November 2019), Watercolour on Paper

Co-curated with Bev Bytheway, who championed the original May Day 2022 protest placard-making, ’Signs of Life’ is an exhibition that also includes artwork from the Velorose Collection, from the inspiring 'Spectres of Modernism' project, curated by Clare Carolin for the Golden Lane Estate, and protesting papier-mâché animals made by Debs Phillips and students from the Charterhouse Square School, over the road from Velorose. Some of the artworks have previously been exhibited at the Whitechapel Gallery, the Design Museum, and the Jaywick Martello Tower

Velorose, Art on Your Sleeve, from May Day 2022, Pen on Vintage American Apparel T-Shirt

’Protest Too Much?’ is Velorose’s latest Mail Art Project; make it angry, celebratory, critical or appreciative