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My Own Private Utopia
UEL @ Velorose
4 - 8 April 2022

My Own Private Utopia is a showcase of BA Interior Design Year 02 work from the University of East London at Velorose. The project challenged students to imagine a new bar, mezzanine, staircase and viewing platform in the Barbican Conservatory, to celebrate and delight in the gardens

Illustration by Tahsin Kashfia Mahita (2021)

Many of the proposals consider changing the building material palette of the Barbican. Others focus on preserving the private feel of the Barbican Conservatory, and making it a safe space for residents to gather

Illustration by Mahfooz Abdalla (2021)

A Year 02 In-Conversation will take place between Head Tutor Pol Gallagher and students at the Private View on Friday 08.04.2022 6pm - 9pm (Conversation at 7pm)

Illustration by Tahsin Kashfia Mahita (2021)