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LONDON ♥ DICK: Mail Art / Illustration / Sound Show for Pride London and Worldwide 2020:
3 July 2020 - 7 August 2020

Pride Marches and Events around the world cancelled or postponed on account of the global Covid-19 Pandemic, Velorose hosts LONDON ♥ DICK (Stories of Passion & Acceptance (and Dick)) with pride

David Rosenberg has curated the LOVED Collective’s ongoing LOVED, an art project which documents the lives of ‘Bears’, ‘Chasers’, and everyone who is a part of the ‘Bear Community’

The show features:

• Mail Art by You the Artist (The Mail Gays (The Male Gaze))
• Illustration and Sound Show by LOVED Collective (LONDON ♥ DICK)

Taking advantage of the unique ‘hidden panel’ design of Velorose, LONDON ♥ DICK considers the male nude, obscenity and decency; the panels, doors, audio monitors and headphones become a maze through which to discover the project. Social distancing and timed entry adds further aspects of constraint, restriction and conformity to the mix

LONDON ♥ DICK invites the viewer to consider the awkward truth of exposed bodies - ones to which we are not always exposed - in a central London art gallery context

Maybe I will be loved and maybe I won’t be loved… but my desire has led me to some really interesting places. I knew who I wanted to meet… but I didn’t know they were called ‘bears’ at the time; I see ‘bear’ as a kind of drag (Excerpt from LOVED)