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Velorose x Plinth:
3 April 2020 - 31 May 2020

Velorose first teamed up with friend and neighbour photographer-furniture purveyor Liz Hasell of Early Bird Vintage for the instore-only OLD is the NEW NEW exhibition in 2020, which included artworks you can sit at, and on

For ELEMENTAL - ESSENTIAL, Early Bird Vintage and Velorose have selected a limited number of inexpensive ceramics with a natural connection

Michael Andersen, Teapot, Stoneware with Bamboo Handle, Denmark, 210mm x 160mm dia. (£90)

Storrington, Patterned Vase, Glazed Earthenware, 170mm x 150mm dia. (£45)

Dybdall, Jug, Terracotta, Denmark, 110mm x 115mm dia. (£45)

Michael Leach, Yelland Pottery Jug, Glazed Earthenware, 90mm x 85mm dia. (£25)