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The Rosenberg / Velorose Collection, MONO: Black and White Works
Velorose, 5 October 2018 - 9 November 2018

MONO: Black and White Works from the Rosenberg / Velorose Collection presents a very personal collection in a gallery setting, and explores the links between the works - beyond their hanging, and their quotidian use - together in a domestic setting. In the first of two exhibitions exploring colour and the absence thereof, MONO showcases an extensive selection of black and white works by a diverse range of eminent and lesser-known artists and designers. Discover an eclectic mix of photographs, drawings, prints, paintings, ceramics, glass, models and objets d’art

Alongside more familiar works such as Mark Wallinger’s ‘Ghost' and Bridget Riley’s ‘Bagatelle 3’, one finds a unique array of work by contemporary and rising artists. This collection suggests a reconsideration of the value and meaning of art in a new light (or dark) as an unlikely combination of work is united by its lack of colour

For several millennia, colour has perplexed and astounded us. Intrinsic to our perception of the world, colour dictates how we experience life, and we quickly lose any memory of having first perceived the world in black, white and shades of grey. Black and white are all too often misunderstood, and ignored, in favour of vibrancy and excitement. Yet there is an intriguing drama to these 'non-colours’

As Leonardo da Vinci ruminates, “some would not admit that black or white are colours […] but we cannot leave them out. […] White may be said to represent light, without which no colour can be seen”. He refers to the idea of chiaroscuro - the use of contrast between light and dark in art. This is powerfully illuminated at MONO, where the works also contrast with one another to create, in a looser sense, their own chiaroscuro

Bridget Riley, Bagatelle 3 (2015), Screenprint on Paper (signed, numbered and dated by the artist), 67cm x 58.5cm, 31/75 plus 10 Artist’s Proofs (POA; Bagatelles 1 (31/75) and 2 (31/75) also available as a pair)

Jill Sylvia, Untitled (Balance Sheet Horizontal Green) (2007), Hand-Cut Ledger Paper, 21.5cm x 35.5cm, Unique

David Parsons, Eastern Landscape (2012), Charcoal on (2 Sheets of) Paper, 52cm x 31cm, Unique

Tooney Phillips, Espace Estaillades 1 (2016), Watercolour and Pencil on Paper, 42.5cm x 42.5cm, Unique (Similar works available)

Lucy Annan, Bastion (2017), Blind Emboss and Relief on BFK Rives (currently numbered 3/5), 28cm x 33cm, 3/10 (£245 Unframed / £360 Framed)

Liam Leslie, MAXXI I (2016), Fibre Gelatin Print on Ilford 24” x 20” Paper (hand-printed by the artist), 61cm x 51cm, 3/4 plus 1 Artist’s Proof (1 of a series of 8; Each £645 (Unframed) / £870 (Framed) / Set of 8 POA)

Gail Seres-Woolfson, Urban Tracks (2017), Mixed Media on Board (signed verso by the artist), 41.5cm x 40cm, Unique (£925) (Commissions accepted)

Bob and Roberta Smith, Factory Outlet (2010), Sugarlift Etching on Copper Printed on 100% Cotton Somerset 300gsm Deckle-Edged Paper (signed by the artist), 76cm x 56cm, 36/100 (£500 Framed)

Marc Atkins, Table Building 4217 (2018), (Charcoal and) Pastel on Watercolour Paper, Timber, Rusty Nails, Bent Wire, 26.5cm x 16.5cm x 5.5cm, Unique (£700)

Oiva Toikka (Designer), Kalliokiwi / Rocky Kiwi (2001), Hand-blown Glass for Iittala (signature and number hand-engraved by the artist to underside), 17cm x 20cm x 11cm, 314/5000

Allan Mitchell, 1988 $1 Definitive Stamp Issue (Kiwi Issue First Day Cover) (1988), Paper Envelope for New Zealand Post Philatelic (cancelled with silver fern), 9cm x 16cm with 3cm dia. Stamp, Edition Unknown

Per Lutken (Designer), Tivoli Cocktail Mixing Jug (1953), Hand-blown Smoke Glass for Holmegaard (label to underside),19cm x 14cm x 13cm, Edition Unknown

Per Lutken (Designer), Selandia Bowl (1954), Hand-blown Glass for Holmegaard (number hand-engraved), 8cm x 26cm x 27cm, Edition Unknown

Alvar Aalto (Designer), Aalto Collection Bowl (Concept 1936), Mouth-blown Glass for Iittala, 3cm x 10cm x 8.5cm, No Edition

Oiva Toikka (Designer), Kastehelmi Candleholders (2no.) (1964), Pressed Glass for Nuutajärvi Notsjo / Produced under Licence by Cascade, 2.5cm x 7.5cm dia., No Edition

Andries & Hiroko (Takeda) Van Onck (Designers), Eve Ashtray (Medium) with Lid (Adam & Eve Magis) (1985), Melamine for Magis (Manufactured by MPM), 4cm x 14cm dia., No Edition

Isao Hosoe (Designer), 4636 Ashtray (Large) (1971), Melamine for Kartell, 2.5cm x 21cm dia., No Edition

Brian Southwell, Reuleaux Triangular Finger Bowls (15no.) (1960s), Glazed Ceramic, Variable Dimensions (approx. 3cm x approx. 9cm dia.), Unique Set of 15

Fredrikson Stallard (Patrik Fredrikson & Ian Stallard), Coat Hook #1 (Black) Prototype (2001), Painted Steel, 25cm x 38cm x 22cm, One of a Pair

William Martin, Charcoal Chain (2017), Unglazed Stoneware, 47cm, 24/100 (Similar works available)

William Martin, Cream Chain (2017), Unglazed Porcelain, 47cm, 23/100 (Similar works available)

William Martin, Linked Links (2017), Unglazed Porcelain, 3.5cm x 7cm x 3.5cm, 1/200 (Boxed) (Similar works available)

Patrick Smith, Black Hole (2016), Glazed Stoneware, 6cm x 14.5cm dia., One of an Edition of 10

Abigail Schama, Bone Ash (2016), X-Ray Giclée Print (signed, titled and dated by the artist), 47cm x 47cm, One of an Edition of 5

Abigail Schama, Threaded Bowl (2016), Glazed Stoneware with Kintsugi, 11cm x 21.5cm dia., Unique (Similar works available)

Brion Nuda Rosch, Fluxus Coloring Book (2nd Edition) (2018), 12-Page ‘Zine, Digitally Printed on Card Stock and Staple-Bound, with White Crayon and Label, 22cm x 18cm, No Edition (from a Vending Machine at Minnesota Street Projects)

Sir Owen Williams, Maquette of Daily Express Building, Manchester (c.1936), Painted Steel on Timber Base with Detachable Corner, 12.5cm x 19.5cm x 10cm, Unique

Rosenberg & Gentle, Daily Express Buildings Manchester 1937-1980 (1980), Ink on Paper (signed and initialled SFP), 57cm x 66cm

Rosenberg & Smith (Drawn by Stephen Rosenberg), Dungeness High Lighthouse: Section (May 1953), Pen and Typewritten Ink on Tracing Paper, 126.5cm x 50cm, Unique (3 of a series of 6)

Rosenberg & Smith (Drawn by Brian Smith), Dungeness High Lighthouse: North-East Elevation (May 1953), Pen and Typewritten Ink on Tracing Paper, 126cm x 50cm, Unique (4 of a series of 6)

Paul Cocksedge Studio, Change The Record (20 September 2011 c. 22:00h), Re-Pressed Vinyl LP (with Engraved Perspex Stand)

Jamie Reid, God Save The Queen (1977), Screenprint on Wallpaper (Misprint), 58cm x 41cm, No Edition / Rarity (POA)

Abbie Cairns, It Must Be Taken (2017), Paint on Wood, 75cm x 28cm, Unique

Jean Cocteau, (Baron de) Charlus (from 'A la Recherche du Temps Perdu’) (1920s), Ink on Paper, 30cm x 24cm, Unique (POA)

Alzbeta Jaresova, Position XXXI (2018), Graphite on Paper, Unique (Similar works available)

Alzbeta Jaresova, Spatial Composition I (2016), Plaster, 5cm x 40cm x 34cm, Unique (£1300 (Unframed) / £1375 (Framed))

Marc Atkins, Unsure Day 135a (2008), Silver Gelatin Print with Rust on Torn Photographic Paper with Six Nail Holes, Six Rusty Nails (stamped verso by the artist), 19.5cm x 14.5cm (£360)

Marc Atkins, Unsure Day 135b (2009), Print on Photographic Paper with Six Nail Holes, Six Rusty Nails (signed by the artist), 12.5cm x 18cm (£180)

Ludwig Meidner, (3) Self-Portrait(s) with Easel (1930s), Ink on Cartridge Pad Paper (unsigned), 33cm x 25cm, Unique

Ludwig Meidner, Else Meidner at Easel (1937), Watched by the Artist as a Cockerel, Ink on Cartridge Pad Paper (initialled and dated by the artist), 33cm x 26cm, Unique

Noah Lyon, I’m Bridget Riley (2017), Printed Paper on Metal Badge with Pin, Plastic-Coated, 0.5cm x 2.5cm dia., No Edition

Mark Wallinger, Ghost (2001), Screenprint in One Colour on 410gsm Somerset Satin Paper (signed, numbered and dated by the artist), 56cm x 48cm, 251/500 (POA)

victoria burge, vega (study) (2014), ink on 19c map (cram’s atlas) (signed, titled and dated by the artist), 25.5cm x 34cm, unique (subsequently reproduced as photopolymer intaglio in an edition of 15) £2400

theodore ereira-guyer, map i (2014), steel etching on paper, 66cm x 102.5cm £5800